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michelle-lillywhiteInterviews – scary stuff right? But that’s why you applied – to get on the course! This is just the next step.

Just remember that it’s not a way to slip you up and make you feel like you don’t know anything – this is their chance to get to know you more – so the ball is in your court. This is also your opportunity to interview the university, so it works both ways.

It’s worthwhile thinking about what they are likely to ask you about – think about what you have in your personal statement, what experience you have around the topic, why this is your passion and why you want to spend all this money and all this time studying this subject.

If you already have an idea of how you want to use the degree afterwards then say that; it shows you know how it can help you and that you are aware of the industry post-graduation and how you can apply the course to your future career.

There is nothing wrong with saying what you might be concerned about and also of course what you are looking forward to. Again, this shows you are already reflecting on the journey you are about to undertake.

The big debate is often what to wear! There is no golden rule about being ‘suited and booted’ as they say, but it’s worth having confidence in how you present yourself. If you feel a little bit more professional being dressed up then do so, but if this is going to make you feel uncomfortable then stick with just being you – this is after all the ‘you’ the academics are going to meet in the classroom come September.

I think though it’s easy to forget that the reason you have an interview in the first place is that they want to know more and want to meet YOU! Enjoy the day – you get to ask whatever you want and you also get the opportunity to meet current students doing the course, who will tell you how fantastic both the course and the University are.

By Michelle Lillywhite

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