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BA (Hons) Marketing Communications

Ever wondered what it’s really like studying Events Management here at Bournemouth Uni? Well I sat down with Tasmin Monk in an exclusive BU Blog interview to find out everything you need to know to make that final decision. Read on as Tas reveals all, including the ins and outs of the course and the student experience…

So why did you choose Events Management at BU?

I chose BU for my course because it has a great reputation for events management, the course modules seemed varied and challenging compared to other unis. It’s also fairly close to my hometown which is a plus as I didn’t want to travel far from home. The seaside location was also appealing, and the university in general had a good reputation for academic results and nightlife. A lot of my school and college friends went to BU and loved it so I’d heard lots of great things.

What’s the best thing about your course?

I like the variety within my course, we learn about lots of different areas from business, finance, marketing and management skills to name a few, which can be taken forward to future careers. It also gives us an insight into what areas we might be interested in. Final year has been the best as we had the freedom to pick some modules, which so far have turned out to be the most interesting and fun yet.

What advice would you give to prospective students considering your course?

My main advice would be to get stuck into the different modules and take any opportunities that arise. Take advantage of SUBU for working and volunteering at events and maybe even get involved with creating your own. Work hard in second year because you need all the help you can get for final year! Also try think about what to do for dissertation early!

Lastly, sum up Events Management in three words

Challenging, educational and inspiring!


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