Wondering about the facilities BU has to offer postgraduate students? Watch Talya’s video showing some of the things you can expect on our Talbot Campus.
When you live somewhere so beautiful, you don’t always need lots of  money to go out and have fun. Follow me for a day where I show you what I get up to with just £10.
It has been snowing across all of the UK recently and you might be wondering what it’s like here at BU?! Well check out my vlog!
Why BU made my list!
Everyone has their own reasons for choosing BU for their postgraduate studies. In this video, BU vlogger Diane shares her top five reasons why she believed BU was the perfect university for her Master’s degree.
You don’t just have to study on campus you know. There are so many different places you can get your head down and get your student game on! Watch my vlog about the different places you can go 🙂  
BU vlogger Brianna is here to give you the low down on your finance options for postgraduate study.
While I was home for Christmas, I got a little homesick for Uni so made a video discussing why Bournemouth might be great for you! Watch to find out why I love Bournemouth as a place to live and study.  
It’s the New Year, it’s a new term, and if your anything like me you might be wondering how you spent so much over the Christmas break . Don’t worry, watch my vlog on feeding 4 for £4!
Social influencer Scarlett London recently came back to visit BU and we are so glad she came and said hello! Watch her vlog as she reflects on the good and bad of being a Multimedia Journalism student, discovers the new facilities on campus and explores the festivities in and around Bournemouth town. Like Scarlett, find... Read more » about Social influencer and BU graduate student Scarlett London revisits Bournemouth Uni
Newly recruited student vlogger Julius is here to share his Spaghetti with tomato sauce and tuna recipe. When you’re a student, cooking meals that cost under £2 for two portions has got to be a winner!
I talk about my experience on the English course here at BU, check out my video!
Our Offer Holder Open Days welcome anyone looking to study at Bournemouth University but is specially designed for those with an offer (sign up and you’ll even get a free BU hoodie on arrival). This vlog gives you a short summary of what to expect on your visit and also how to make the most... Read more » about Don’t miss out: BU offer holder Open Day!