A few bits of advice for handling shyness whilst at university, either undergrad or postgrad.
What I love about BU!
Hey! Here’s a little Vlog with a few tips on balancing work and free time during a postgraduate degree.
I hope you find these money saving tips useful, and feel free to ask questions below!
Diman chats to BU’s lead chaplain Dr Bill Merrington to find out about the Religious facilities at Bournemouth Uni…
Here I talk about how I go about writing academic essays and how I reference my work! I also give you a few top tips on how to tackle your essays!
A look into a Sunday of a postgraduate Scriptwriter…
As Easter is coming up, the shelves in supermarkets are filling with chocolate. I’ve put together a few ideas on how to stay away from chocolate and have a healthier Easter! A yummy smoothie recipe, chocolate alternatives and a healthier way to enjoy chocolate are all involved so have a watch!  
Master’s student, Danielle Cook, tells her fellow students how she spends her weekends in Bournemouth and the surrounding area.
It’s International Women’s Day today so here are just a few of the women who inspire me.
Hey guys. It’s winter, it’s raining most of the time… I don’t know about you but I just can’t wait for summer! Here’s a few ideas of things that you can do in your summer to prepare for your next year of uni!
In honour of Pancake Day I’ve been sent out on a super important mission… To find out what BU students favourite pancake toppings are!