My volunteering story
Find out about my volunteering adventure with BU, including my trek up  Mount Kilimanjaro!    
Why I chose BU
Hey! Thanks for clicking on this Vlog thing! Today, I’m talking about why I chose to go to Bournemouth university twice!
This year has seemed to whizz by, these are some things that I wish I’d picked up from the start 🙂
Mental health at BU
Here’s  a bit of a chat about my experience with mental health issues whilst studying at Bournemouth University. Feel free to ask any questions and I hope you have a good day!
A quick tour around BU! Come visit to find out more…  
Hi guys! Here’s a little video with some tips for packing for university. I share my best advice for packing and some essential items that have been life-saving for me! I hope you find it useful!
Make the most of your last few months of being a student! Here’s a couple of ideas of how you can be prepared for when you leave.  
These are a few of the places on campus (and a bonus place) that I find make group projects a little easier 🙂
After almost 2 years of studying at Bournemouth University I’ve got to know the uni and area pretty well! I’ve got together a few reasons why I love studying at BU and why it should definitely be a top consideration of yours! More Information! SUBU @ Bournemouth  
I have always wanted to try and see if I could be a vegetarian. Therefore, I challenged myself to be a vegetarian for five days. Who knows, this might be the beginning of my vegetarian lifestyle… Find out how my meal plans changed and whether I have chosen to be a vegetarian for the rest... Read more »
Hey, today I’m going to be talking about alternatives to drinking events at university. Thanks for watching!