With a variety of nursing degrees available at BU, it’s important that you pick the course that is right for you. Nursing students Edward (BSc (Hons) Mental Health Nursing), Coral (BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing) and Sian (BSc (Hons) Children’s and Young People’s Nursing) tell us what they enjoy about their course and discuss the similarities... Read more » about Nursing degrees at BU – what are they really like?
In this vlog, undergrad vlogger Joe shares some ideas on how you can spread kindness for free! By Joe Lomax BA (Hons) Film
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Join undergrad vlogger Victoria as she shares with you how to drink more water in your day to day for a health student lifestyle! By Victoria Lawrence MNutr (Hons) Nutrition
Want to study an Anthropology course but not sure which pathway to take? Why not see what Nura and Alex have to say about the similarities and differences between their two Anthropology courses and why they chose to study them. You’ll see Christchurch House, home to the bone lab and a lot of Anthropology lectures,... Read more » about Anthropology degrees at BU
It can be tricky to narrow down your course choice when looking at university’s. But if you know your interested in Business Studies, you won’t need to choose your pathway option until the end of second year! Here at BU all of our first year students share the same first year  and this gives you... Read more » about Business degrees at BU
Chesil House
Let Alejandra share with you what it is like living in Chesil house
Clinical Psychology student Talya shares why she chose to live in private accommodation
Keen about sport but not too sure which direction to go in? Check out what current students Dan, Luke and Katie have to say about their different sport courses. The facilities, industry links and outstanding sport academics we boast at BU helps our students to truly stand out in this subject area!
Join me as I share with you how to drink more water in your day to day for a health student lifestyle!
Watch my vlog, where I share some ideas on how you can spread kindness for free.
Different students have different reasons for studying a Master’s degree. You might have a specific job in mind, for which a Master’s degree is often the next step or simply want to further your knowledge. In her latest vlog, Talya shares her reasons for choosing postgraduate study.