What is Clearing Plus?

Clearing is being made easier than ever with the new, personalised system, Clearing Plus. Previously, Clearing meant that you had to search through listings of courses and then contact each university to talk through your options. With 30,000 courses to choose from, this can understandably be a bit overwhelming. With Clearing Plus, UCAS are hoping… Read more »

Global Forgiveness Day!

Global Forgiveness Day in 2020 takes place on Tuesday the 7 of July.  This blog is to help you think of ways you can celebrate it and how global forgiveness day may just benefit you this year too! On this day, we use our ability to forgive and forget to help both our own lives… Read more »

Let’s save on plastic

At BU, sustainability is one of the core values at the heart of our university, to encourage a more environmentally friendly future. Here’s a few of these ways and how you can make a change as a student. Bring your own bags!!! This one goes without saying! But I know how easy it is to… Read more »