What I learnt during my first year

At university you learn a lot more than just your degree subject, for most people it’s the first time they move away from home. Suddenly you have a LOT of responsibilities that most of us aren’t really prepared for. You really are thrown in at the deep end when you go to university and BU… Read more » about What I learnt during my first year

What to pack for uni

So, you’ve been accepted to come to Bournemouth University! Once you have arranged your accommodation you now have the joyful task of shopping, more shopping and ultimately the dreaded challenge of packing all of your stuff. The best way to prepare has got to be a good old fashioned list – take some inspiration from… Read more » about What to pack for uni

How much I spend on a night out

For a lot of students one of the best times of the first year is BU’s Freshers’ Fortnight! During the two weeks hundreds of events are held, including Legs, Bums and Tums workout sessions, cooking classes and foam parties. Try and save up some money before arriving for Freshers’ – you do not want to… Read more » about How much I spend on a night out

10 things to do in Bournemouth

It’s not just Bournemouth’s university that’s great; living here is awesome too! Bournemouth is the perfect mix of country, coastal and city living. 1) Take a trip on the Bournemouth Balloon in the South Gardens. Familiarise yourself with your new surroundings. 2) Have a house/flat mate’s selfie on the pier. Beware it may take a… Read more » about 10 things to do in Bournemouth