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Chris-BowditchFor a lot of students one of the best times of the first year is BU’s Freshers’ Fortnight! During the two weeks hundreds of events are held, including Legs, Bums and Tums workout sessions, cooking classes and foam parties. Try and save up some money before arriving for Freshers’ – you do not want to be worrying about money right away – focus on getting to know other students and Bournemouth!

There are loads of clubs in Bournemouth, including Cameo, Halo, Walkabout, Yates, Bar Me, Sakura and SUBU’s Old Fire Station! (Try checking out some of these online to find out about student nights, prices and events). The Old Fire Station hosts Lollipop which is Bournemouth’s biggest student-only night.


For me, the average night out at Lollipop costs around £25 which includes:

Taxis – £5

If you don’t live particularly close to the clubs it’s definitely worth getting a taxi or the N6 night bus – Bournemouth has several trustworthy firms which even offer student discounts. Share the taxi with friends to cut down the cost. If you’re in accommodation on the Lansdowne campus though, you’ll be within walking distance to most of the clubs.

Pre drinks – £10

A good way to get into the party atmosphere before you head out. This should save you spending so much inside the clubs too!

Price of drinks – £5

This really depends on how much you usually drink! On student nights expect shots and pints to costs around £2 and doubles to cost around £3. Things are a lot pricier on non-student nights!

Takeaway – £5

Always end the night on a high with a KFC Snackbox!

Of course, there is loads more to life at BU than drinking! If you don’t fancy it you could go to the cinema, for a meal or to the beach – which is still really nice at night!

By Chris Bowditch

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