Bournemouth University’s Career and Employability Service

At some point in our academic careers us students face the dreaded day when we have to actually think about what we want to do with our lives- particularly our future careers. Our days of vague replies to friends and families seemingly favourite question: ‘So what will you do after uni?’ are unfortunately over. For… Read more »

My BU RAG experience: How far can you Leggit?

How far could we leggit? The question my best friends and I were determined to answer when we decided to embark on one of BU’s Raising And Giving (RAG) Society’s challenges: The ‘How Far Can You Leggit?’ Charity Hitchhike. Our challenge? To be the team who could get the furthest away from Bournemouth in just… Read more »

A 2nd year’s search for her perfect placement: using BU’s Careers and Employability Service

Rewind four months and I’ve just started my second year of Uni. One of my first lectures was titled: ‘Careers and Placement Lecture’. It was literally my first day of the new academic year and after just about recovering from first year, I was now having to think about my third year. Cue instant fear. We… Read more »

The countdown to uni: things to do before starting in September

If you are soon to be starting university, you are probably feeling a bit apprehensive as well as ridiculously excited! This is totally normal so try not to worry too much! University can be one of the best experiences of your life so to help calm some of those worries and help prepare you for… Read more »

Have yourself a merry Bournemouth Christmas

December is finally upon us and that means only one thing… Christmas! As this time of year is definitely my favourite, one of the perks of studying here in Bournemouth is their amazing annual Christmas market. Being a Christmas fanatic, naturally, I just had to check it out. The perfect opportunity was earlier this week… Read more »