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2nd year

BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing (with Foundation Year)

Accommodation exteriorMy name is Tibaaga Stacey. I am a second-year student nurse. I once lived in the Cranbourne House Halls, which had a mix of healthcare students and other students completing different courses.

My flat consisted of seven ensuite rooms with a shared kitchen. The contracts ranged from 40 weeks to 41 weeks, 42 weeks to 50 weeks.

I remember choosing a 50-week contract that gave me time to finish all my university assignments and find another place to go without feeling stressed. Living in university accommodation can be good when you move in, as bills can be paid in four instalments based on the semester, which is good for learning how to budget or pay monthly.

Depending on the student halls you choose, some halls’ bills include an annual bus pass, an ensuite bathroom, Wi-Fi, and a secure bike compound. This relates to Cranbourne House, where I stayed for my foundation year. The halls also included a standard room where you could meet with friends and watch TV or play table football, which was a great way to meet new people.

Regarding placement, I found that my residence was close to the bus stop and the train station, making it easy to get to and from work. The halls are within walking distance of the Lansdowne Campus of Bournemouth University, and buses are available for students attending the Talbot Campus. A car park has to be paid for depending on the length of stay. The hall receptionists are there to help on a 24-hour basis, and there is security to ensure student safety.

There are also laundry services, which require a laundry card and a hoover that can be accessed by asking the reception.

Living in halls as a student nurse was good because I made friends who helped me academically and had people who understood placement pressures. They were very understanding and made it easy to talk to me after a hard work day.

The location of the halls is also a walk away from the fire station, which is suitable for student nightlife along with other nightlife areas as most of them are located around Lansdowne.

Looking for university experience in terms of accommodation, I recommend starting by staying in halls, and you can find reliable information via the Bournemouth accommodation website.

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