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Master of Business Administration

Hi my name is Garrett and today I am going to be talking to you about the Master of Business Administration program here at Bournemouth University. It is one of the most highly respected programs out there as a business degree. One of the best things about receiving an MBA is that it covers all aspects of business. This includes finance, accounting, marketing, entrepreneurship, management and strategy.

There are so many opportunities that arise from this program; you are able to enter into any type of field that you would like because you are now fully qualified, but also you can start your own venture with the overlying knowledge of each section of business. I personally have been sought-after in a few different types of jobs for which I was qualified but didn’t necessarily wish to make a career out of. The program is always quite extensive, and it usually takes a few years and a lot of work. In Bournemouth, we are lucky enough to have a one year program, although it does go through the summer, but by that time it consists of a lot fewer classes and an abundance of self-teaching and projects.

I am currently engulfed in a few assessments, looking to finish them up before my next course load starts up in June. Many of the other Master’s courses have a lighter work load, fewer classes, and end early. With that being said, I would not wish to change my course. When looking into a Master’s program I feel it is very important to go into something that will benefit you in the long run. It will always be good to study abroad and engulf yourself in the culture, but while there you want to make sure you are not wasting your time from an academic standpoint.

Bournemouth University does a terrific job keeping the material relevant and job-related. Most of the basics of business are brushed over because you should already have prior knowledge of those topics. One of the best aspects of the course here is the fact that there are so many different dynamics and cultures. In my class there are three people from England, three Americans, four Vietnamese students, and the list goes on. This really challenges people to step outside of their comfort zone and try to relate to everybody. When there have been group projects set, there has been many a time where our patience has been tested. This helps us grow and prepare ourselves for the real world of work.

The professors are all very experienced and are setting me on the right path for the future. When I graduate in November I will be proud of what I accomplished and will have finished my academic career for the near future.

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