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Maddie WarnThinking about life after uni can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. The transition from being with friends all day and night with the occasional lecture in between to the professional world comes with its own set of challenges and triumphs.

Recently, Bournemouth University held ‘Alumni Fest’ an insightful event where previous graduates from Bournemouth came in to share their experiences, offering valuable advice to current students.

The event served as a bridge between the academic bubble and the real world, shedding light on the diverse paths alumni have taken since graduating. BA (Hons) Media Production student Maddie Warn shares her experience of the event.

One striking aspect highlighted by the alumni panel was the wide array of career paths pursued by graduates. From directors to talent agents, corporate jobs to freelancing, the alumni demonstrated that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to post-uni life. The key takeaway was that it’s essential to explore different opportunities and find a path that aligns with your passions and values.

The fast-paced nature of the professional world, especially in the media industry, was a recurring theme in the discussions. Many emphasised the importance of adaptability and continuous learning. The skills acquired during university serve as a foundation but staying relevant in a dynamic job market requires a commitment to ongoing education and skill development.

Trying to work on projects away from your uni work can be struggling at times but it is definitely worth it when expressing to future employers what makes you different from other graduates.

A lecture theatre with the first half of the image blurred and the other focusing on a camera filming a person talkingNetworking emerged as a crucial factor in post-university success. Alumni shared anecdotes of how meaningful connections made during university and beyond played a pivotal role in their career growth. Using platforms such as LinkedIn and Instagram is a great way to get your foot in the career door.

Messaging people in the industry goes a long way and ‘9 times out of 10 everyone wants to help you if you ask for it’. Building a strong professional network can open doors to opportunities and provide invaluable support during challenging times.

Not every career path is smooth, and the alumni panel didn’t shy away from discussing their own failures and setbacks. Instead of viewing these experiences negatively, they emphasised the importance of learning from failures, adapting, and persevering. The resilience gained from overcoming challenges is often a key factor in long-term success.

As we navigate the transition from university to the professional world, we must recognise that one person’s journey is unique to only them, and that everyone gets through life at their own pace so we must not compare ourselves to our peers as everyone is at different stages. By learning from the experiences of graduates before us, we can better equip ourselves for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. The insights gained from these events can be invaluable in shaping your own path after graduation.

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