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As a marketing student at BU I have completed various types of assignments, including creating content for social media and producing pitching vlogs. However, there’s one particular assignment that stands out as my absolute favourite. Let me take you through the exciting journey of this group project I have successfully completed.

For this particular assignment we were tasked to be marketing managers for Nativ restaurant in Bournemouth. Our mission: to craft a comprehensive six-month media plan for the restaurant. Collaboration was a significant component of this project. Working in a group can be both enjoyable and challenging. To ensure we struck the right balance, we decided to share the workload equally from the very beginning. This strategy turned out to be instrumental in keeping everyone on the same page, and it ensured that no one felt overwhelmed or left with too little to do.

The most thrilling part of this assignment, in my opinion, was the presentation. What set our project apart from others was the requirement to present it in front of the CEO of Nativ. This opportunity was both nerve-wracking and exciting. Me and my group were practicing the presentation a million times and our hard work paid off. Our group project was recognized as the best earning us a first place.

The creative aspect of the assignment added another layer of excitement. We were tasked to create mock-ups and new product for Nativ restaurant. This unleashed our creativity and gave us the chance to showcase our innovative ideas.

Throughout the journey of tackling this assignment, I learned that it’s essential to enjoy the process and remind yourself that you’re doing it for your personal growth. Each moment of hard work you invest will ultimately be rewarded, whether it’s in the form of new knowledge or improved skills.

Here are some valuable lessons I’ve learned through these assignments that may help you achieve better grades:

Start Early: One crucial aspect I’ve observed is the significance of starting your assignment months in advance. This approach allows you to gradually add to your assignment after each lecture, putting you in a favourable position. By doing this, you avoid the stress of rushing to complete the assignment in one day. Working at a comfortable pace and stress-free enables you to assemble all the pieces little by little.

Share Tasks Equally: Sharing tasks equally becomes particularly important when working in groups. Not everyone will be available at the same time to work on the assignment, which is why it’s vital to distribute the tasks so that everyone knows their responsibilities.

Practice Your Presentation: Even if you believe that everyone knows what they will be saying during the presentation, it’s essential to practice it multiple times. This is because, during the actual presentation, some people might struggle to remember when and what to say. Practicing ensures that everything goes smoothly during the presentation.

In conclusion, this assignment not only pushed my marketing skills to new heights but also taught me the importance of collaboration, effective presentation, and the joy of being creative. So, to all my fellow student that are working on their assignments, remember that you’re on this journey for yourself, to gain knowledge and skills that will shape your future. Embrace the challenges, enjoy the ride, and always keep in mind that your hard work will pay off. Best of luck with your assignments – I’m sure they’ll be rewarding!

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