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This is a guest blog by Keyia.

Keyia stands in front of a BU building wearing a purple BU hoodie

Me standing outside Bournemouth Gateway Building

Hello, my name is Keyia, I’m an international student from Nigeria and I am currently studying MSc Public Health at Bournemouth University.

Besides being an international student, I’m also one of the faculty reps for Bournemouth University Student Union and a member of the Bournemouth University influencer community.

One of the highlights of my course is the lecturing style as it’s very interactive, whilst allowing for independent study and there is a vast range of academic resources at our disposal. We have our lecturing materials ahead of class to enable us to be interactive in class. The reading lists are also very useful for broadening our scope.

Keyia is smiling beside two friends

My friends & I

One of the challenges I was able to overcome was my referencing.

Referencing was quite a challenge to me because we had to use the BU Harvard style and I was able to overcome it because of our effective and very efficient academic staff and library staff who took it upon themselves to organise classes and sessions to help us and I can confidently say that I overcame the challenge thanks to this.

I’ve learnt a lot!

Keyia is smiling with her course mates

Group pic of our course

Public health is so broad and it’s focused across global health, so you realise that health is wealth.

I think I’ve learnt a lot about health promotion and public health management, and one of the key takeaways is the benefits of spending time in nature as it influences our mental health positively.

My advice to others would be to start your assessments on time, ask questions, and above all spend time in nature!

My plans for the future are to take the academic knowledge I have obtained into the governmental or non-governmental sectors, and I’m confident that I will excel in whatever I decide to venture into. Mostly what I do now is volunteering to develop my experience.

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