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This is a guest blog by MSc International Management student, Muhammad Sohaib Abbasi about studying this course as an international student.

Coming to a different country especially as an international student is never easy, however as a Pakistani studying MSc International Management; I can surely say that it was the right decision.

Moving from Pakistan to start a new chapter in my life in the U.K was never going to be easy, at first it was difficult to even select a university for my master’s degree however as soon as I read and did research on Bournemouth University I fell in love.

Male student Muhammad standing in front of Durdle Door

Muhammad at Durdle Door

Apart from Bournemouth being a beautiful town in the south coast of England with golden sandy beaches that leave you awe-struck, Bournemouth University had everything I was looking for, from variety of clubs and societies to join from, to the diverse student and faculty ready to help you get settled in, and the cherry on top it had the degree option of MSc International Management with specialisation in Supply Chain which I always wanted to study.

I had completed my bachelors in business administration in Pakistan and I wanted to add to that and add to my skills and knowledge.

So, while searching for degrees, BU’s MSc International Management struck with me as the one I wanted to do, this course will help me see how international managers from around the globe work in different situations whether its expanding in a new market or tackling a challenge with ease, this course focuses on developing your leadership skills and enhancing your knowledge on the ever growing eco-system of the global economic world.

MSc International Management has helped me a lot to see the world of management from a new perspective, not only that it has helped me meet so many people from different culture such as Portugal, Romania, France, Algeria, China, Nigeria etc. Interacting with them and getting to know them and their culture has increased my horizon and knowledge of their culture and has made appreciate the cultural diversity this world has to offer. Not only that, but as an apprising business student it is necessary to indulge and learn about different cultures, especially on a course like International Management.

Student Muhammad sitting on the beach facing the sea at night with a starry sky

Muhammad sitting on Bournemouth Beach at night

This course has helped me attain new knowledge and skills that has amplified my vision in the business world from learning about new cultures, to learning about the new ways businesses use to succeed. When entering into a new market in a different country, I always thought being a manager is about helping the organisation reach its goals and aims however, MSc International Management has taught me its more than that, its about leading by example, making hard decisions, representing your organisation, being an image for the employees, managing conflicts within the organisation and so much more.

MSc International Management is preparing me to be a someone who has all the qualities of a CEO for a multi-national company and with the new skills and knowledge I will be more confident to step in the business word without any worries.

For people thinking about studying the same course from Bournemouth University all I can say is you cannot go wrong in any shape or form while selecting this degree, the people you will meet here are friendly, the staff helps you settle down in a new country and goes up and beyond for it. The faculty helps you with any academic questions and problems you have welcoming you with open arms no matter where you are from. I definitely made the right decision by choosing to study MSc International Management as I couldn’t be more satisfied with myself and Bournemouth University for giving me this opportunity to grow and have all the traits needed for the business world.

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