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Messiah N.K. Anudjo is an MSc Medical Imaging with Management student. Coming to study from Ghana, he explains what stood out to him about the course at Bournemouth University and how he’s found studying the course since joining. 
I had always wanted to help people and I love research too, hence, I decided to blend the two in my professional career.

Prior to applying to Bournemouth University, I gained admissions at multiple Universities in Europe, but I came across the MSc Medical Imaging with Management course at BU which caught my attention. My interest in studying at BU was further inspired by reading about some of the exciting research publications by BU Medical Sciences faculty members. Through this, I gained insight into the cutting-edge research occurring at BU. BU, therefore, became my ideal University for its prestige in research, renowned faculty, and resources including the Bournemouth Gateway Building housing MRI equipment, and other important facilities.

I came to Bournemouth from Ghana to study and having enrolled on the programme, I became fully convinced that I made an excellent choice. The course content was carefully planned to meet the needs of modern clinical practice, industry, leadership, and academia. The delivery of the course’s components by both academics, clinicians and those in industry makes it even more exciting, practical, and extremely resourceful. Lecture materials and notes are fully backed by academic literature making the information authentic and verifiable. We had the opportunity to undertake individual and team-based assignments and presentations in the presence of our colleagues and lecturers, which further enhanced my self-confidence, analytical and critical thinking skills. The diverse nature of my class and BU students also provided me with the unique avenue to learn from different cultures, to network and make new friends.

Already, about two months after enrolling on the course, the skills and knowledge I have learned supported me to gain employment within a very competitive NHS trust.

The lecturers are very welcoming, knowledgeable, experienced, extremely supportive, friendly but firm and were always providing prompt and helpful feedbacks on assignments. The library resources are up-to-date and extremely useful and helpful.

I am most grateful to the programme lead, Dr Theo Akudjedu and his colleagues who taught me on this programme for their mentorship, guidance, support, hard work and dedication to making this programme one of the best there is.

Undoubtedly, my dream of a holistic and competitive education is being accomplished at BU on this MSc in Medical Imaging with Management course and I look forward to returning to BU in the near future after graduation to study for a PhD.

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