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As a student pursuing my MA in Advertising, I have had the opportunity to engage in various exciting assignments that have broadened my understanding of the industry. Among these assignments, one stands out as my personal favourite: the Individual Creative Portfolio. This particular project challenged me to apply the tools and techniques I learned in class to three distinct briefs, each requiring three unique executions. The assignments encompassed diverse topics, from tackling climate change with satire to promoting a career in the funeral industry and persuading parents to stick with Oral-B in a cost-of-living crisis. Through this enriching experience, I not only gained valuable insights but also built a portfolio that showcases my creativity and strategic thinking.

Tackling Climate Change with Satire:

The first brief presented an exciting challenge: to target climate deniers using a satirical message style. I recognized the importance of addressing this issue, and I was determined to craft a compelling campaign that would provoke thought and inspire action. With the tools and techniques learned in class at my disposal, I embarked on the creative process.

I delved into the research, gaining a deep understanding of the arguments employed by climate deniers. Armed with this knowledge, I developed a satirical campaign that cleverly exposed the fallacies in their reasoning. Through visual imagery, witty slogans, and a touch of humour, I aimed to engage the target audience and encourage them to reconsider their stance. This assignment pushed me to think critically and find innovative ways to convey a powerful message.

Promoting a Career in the Funeral Industry:

The second brief presented a unique challenge: promoting a career in the funeral industry to UK university leavers aged 16 to 19. This task required me to approach a traditionally sensitive topic with compassion, while also appealing to the target audience’s aspirations and interests.

To meet this challenge, I adopted a creative process that involved in-depth market research and exploring various communication channels. I developed a campaign that highlighted the job security aspect of the funeral industry. How AI can’t take over this job because they lack empathy and compassion. Also, it is an essential industry thus recession-proof. By showcasing the industry in a positive light, I aimed to spark interest among the target demographic. This assignment taught me the importance of tailoring messages to specific audiences and finding innovative ways to communicate effectively.

Persuading Parents not to trade down to less effective oral care products:

The third brief called for a strategic approach: persuading parents not to switch to less inferior dental care alternatives during a cost-of-living crisis. This assignment required me to understand the concerns and motivations of parents, while also highlighting the unique benefits of Oral-B.

Using the tools and techniques taught in class, I embarked on an extensive research process to identify key insights and craft a compelling strategy. I developed a campaign that emphasized the long-term protection value of Oral-B’s superior dental care and the potential costs associated with cheaper alternatives. By employing emotional appeals and demonstrating the importance of oral health, I aimed to encourage parents to prioritize their children’s well-being. This assignment honed my skills in crafting persuasive arguments and understanding consumer behaviour.

Educational and Career Preparation:

Working on the Individual Creative Portfolio assignment proved to be an invaluable educational experience. Each brief challenged me to think critically, apply learned techniques, and develop creative strategies to address complex problems. Through the creative process, I refined my ability to conduct research, think outside the box, and communicate effectively with diverse target audiences.

Moreover, this assignment enabled me to build a robust portfolio that showcases my creativity, problem-solving abilities, and strategic thinking. As I progress in my advertising career, I can confidently present my portfolio as evidence of my skills and accomplishments.

The Individual Creative Portfolio assignment in my MA in Advertising course was undoubtedly one of the most engaging and educational experiences I have encountered. Through the three briefs and their respective executions, I not only honed my skills in using tools and techniques taught in class but also learned to approach diverse challenges strategically and creatively. This assignment encouraged me to think critically, develop thought-provoking campaigns, and tailor messages to specific target audiences.

As I prepare for a career in the advertising industry, I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked on this assignment. The skills and knowledge I gained will undoubtedly serve as a solid foundation for my future endeavours. With a portfolio that reflects my creative and strategic abilities, I am excited to embark on a path that allows me to make a lasting impact through advertising.

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