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Living in Dorchester House

Choosing the right accommodation for you can be daunting, especially when you are moving from home for the first time. However, choosing can also be a very exciting experience and luckily Bournemouth University has many options to choose from!

In my first year, I lived in Dorchester House, and I had an amazing time and met a lot of lovely people who lived in the flats above and beside me. Here are the reasons I loved living in Dorchester House!


Firstly, Dorchester House is in a great location, opposite the large Asda and the train station! Whenever I needed to do my shopping it was really simple to nip across the road to pick up some food, drinks, or snacks. When I first came to university I had a plan that I would do weekly shops to save time however, I quickly realised that my style of shopping was little and often, and for this reason, it was perfect!


I also liked to go home sometimes to visit my family and dog so being directly by the train station made this really simple and accessible for me.

Outside of Dorchester House

Dorchester House

Another reason I loved living in Dorchester House is that it is a short walk to many restaurants, pubs, and clubs that students frequently go to (especially Fire Station BU’s student union!), so I did not need to get a bus or a taxi on the way there & if I was out I could walk back with my friends, or it was a quick taxi ride home!

Similarly, it was around a 15 minute walk to the beach. I regularly walked to the beach to have a cycle using the Beryl Bikes around Bournemouth.

Facilities and comfort

Dorchester House – Standard Bedroom

Secondly, I loved Dorchester House for how spacious and modern it is for a university halls of residence. I lived in a flat of 6 and there was plenty of room in the kitchen. My room was a three-quarter double, which meant I had a bit more room to sleep & I was able to add lots of throws and cushions to make it comfy. Moreover, my room had a large desk which was great to do my university work, but also as a station to do my makeup & to have a houseplant or two. One of my favourite things was that it was a small ensuite so I felt I had my privacy away from my housemates.

Sometimes I would go down to the common room to socialise, which again was spacious. In Dorchester House, there is little beach-hut style seating which I found good for doing assignments if I did not want to sit in my room.

Finally, I felt very safe and secure in Dorchester House as there is 24/7 security, and you need a fob to get into each residential block.

Overall, I had a really lovely stay in Dorchester House and BU has a lot of options for accommodation that you can find here

BU has open days where you can tour all the available accommodation options. I highly recommend attending an open day, if you can, so you can experience them yourself!


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