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There are many volunteering opportunities in and around Bournemouth, with many local groups, charities, and organisations that are often seeking volunteers to help out in a variety of ways. Volunteering can be a great way to broaden your horizons and explore the local community, whilst having a positive impact through rewarding work.

Bournemouth University encourages students to seek volunteering opportunities in a number of ways, one of which would be through SUBU. SUBU volunteering hub provides a list of places where students can get involved in volunteering, with a number of local and national charities that SUBU has ensured are registered UK charities and don’t include for-profit organisations.

Students picking up litter on the beachNot only are there volunteering opportunities in the community advertised, but SUBU highlights virtual volunteering opportunities as well. This is a great way of finding volunteering opportunities as SUBU ensures that BU students will be volunteering in projects that will help them gain skills and qualities that can enhance their CVs. Every volunteering position on SUBU’s hub list the employability skills associated with the position, the faculties the position is associated with, and the UN development goals that apply to the charity. This gives students the ability to choose volunteering positions to apply to that are related to their degree subjects, so the skills and qualities they gain can help them in their future career prospects.

Furthermore, the Student Opportunities Team can help students who are interested in volunteering, with appointments available with the team to learn more about how the volunteering hub works and support students in their search for opportunities. Students can book appointments at a time that suits them, with both face-to-face meetings or virtual available.

Group of students stood with litter bags on the beach, before a beach clean

Another way of volunteering could be through the Universities Clubs and Societies, in my own experience through the Social Sciences society I participated in a beach clean-up at Bournemouth Beach. This was a great experience being able to clean up the beach to protect the wildlife, have fun with friends whilst working and a hot chocolate as a reward after. Many societies will have similar opportunities to volunteer, as to gain a five star rating they need to organise volunteering that the members can take part in, making it easier for students to find opportunities to volunteer with their peers.

Emma gardening


Lastly there are many volunteering opportunities in the local community, in my experience I volunteered with Health Watch Dorset and a Winton community garden, which you can seek out yourself. This has provided me with a greater insight into the local community outside of the student community, it can be an opportunity to gain connections and friendships whilst having a positive impact. Student life can often be stressful, so volunteering in the local community such as with gardening can be a calming, relaxing experience and an opportunity to try new things.

Hope this helps with any students wanting to volunteer!

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