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This is a guest blog by Asanka Abeykoon, MSc Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship student at Bournemouth University, talking about a business field trip to Hall & Woodhouse. 

This was my first ever outdoor interaction at Bournemouth University and I was so thrilled about the opportunity to visit Hall & Woodhouse in Dorset as a part of the learning experience within the core unit Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Design.

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As I learned from Dr. Nasiru Taura, my lecturer for the Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Design unit, for the last few years Hall & Woodhouse have provided this opportunity for students studying this course to gain innovative and insightful learning outcomes. Furthermore, Dr. Nasiru Taura explained that these interactions enable students to gain invaluable first-hand learning exposure to British family business culture blended with a modern venture management perspective while enjoying the breathtakingly beautiful Dorset landscapes and community traditions and values.

The trip to Hall & Woodhouse was a highly insightful educational experience for me that provided an opportunity to learn outside of the traditional classroom setting. It has provided an immersive experience that is not possible in the classroom, allowing all of us to interact with people, environments, and objects in a more personal and meaningful way. The trip also provided a chance for us to work together to solve problems, build relationships, and explore new ideas while sharing our thinking by giving us a chance to actually live in that business environment. Furthermore, the field trip has given us an opportunity to share our experiences with one another, creating a sense of camaraderie and community by building relationships and forming memories that can help shape our future.

The field trip provided a unique and valuable learning experience and it provided a lot of value as I got to visit Hall & Woodhouse and witness the business heritage and management techniques of the business which has passed through five generations, passing down business values and ethics. The discussion of strategies and the practice with the owner and other staff members, has given me a great insight into the complexities of running a business. So, I now have a more rounded understanding of the practicality of running a family-owned business with serious improvements while still retaining the core of the original business.

The overall experience has broadened my perspective of running a business, hitting my consciousness about what actually means by being an innovative strategic thinker.

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