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MSc Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship

I’m a Bournemouth girl that went away to get the whole university experience, studied in London and worked for a few years in the science industry after but coming back to Dorset deciding to settle in and find my way through BU. When I came back, I was very confused as to what to do with my life next and I am sure most, if not all of us, go through this dilemma. Bournemouth has so much potential especially being a tourist destination and having the best beaches in the UK and across Europe as well. Knowing it is an uprising area, I tried doing my own natural cosmetics project for a while but I was losing more money, not gaining any engagement nor profit so I took a decision to better myself and find the knowledge I needed to relaunch later on. I have lived my whole life in Bournemouth but the one place I didn’t know much about was our university. I took the plunge into the business world and got myself a place on the MSc Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship Course. Let me tell you it might be the best decision I’ve taken in a while. I’ll be speaking about a few further aspects for you all to get an idea about my master’s degree.

My first masters presentation 🙂

Fencing the wall of business

Taking a risk to jump into the business from my science background was quite a challenge. The business language is very different to anything else I was used to, finding it difficult to grab the idea of any lecture I attended so I made sure I asked and engaged properly. On the first 2 weeks I knew this was my trial period but it wasn’t going to take me away from my goals, when I didn’t have lectures I went to Bournemouth House library at the Lansdowne campus out of my lecture hours to collect books, articles and search as much as I can about the various frameworks. With independent learning and the help of the incredible lecturers/staff members I was able to be on the same standards as others that have had a bachelor’s degree in business within a very short period of time which gave me a sense of great pride and success.

Programme Insight

The programme itself follows a wide spectrum of prospects in business as a whole from building up a business idea, evolving it into the industry, financing and initiation of the venture by then to marketing and selling the undertaking scheme. This intensive one-year full time course is an opening to gain both theoretical and practical tools to be applied when consulting in business from various potentials of entrepreneurship, firms and governments; while addressing the challenges obtained within innovation in addition to the technological changes to grow the right pathway for the enterprise chosen.

Writing the master’s thesis

I am currently working on my dissertation (wish me luck!). All students should be researching, planning and producing an independent project on a new innovative business plan venture. Giving the opportunity to expand our understanding of the innovative and entrepreneurship modules learnt and to specialise in an area of individual choice. It is important to find a market gap and grasp the whole concept within different aspects to visualise, progress and launch new ideas. Products and services needed to improve a business and be able to manage them in a fast-growing environment.

Career positions

At the present global economic environment, there is a need to push through intellectual individuals and graduates to be able to manage in dynamic, uncertain and entrepreneurial situations finding sustainable solutions. Whatever the size of the business is, graduates are expected to pursue roles in business management, marketing, finance, innovation positions, research and development, firm consultancy or even launch their own entrepreneurial project to mention a few. BU careers hub can guide the pupils to the right direction offering CV workshops and one to one appointment to direct and help anyone that needs it.

It’s about dedication, time management, the effort put into studying, having the passion to learn more and explore along with enjoying the university experience to the fullest. Hard work will pay off!