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Hey 👋 In this blog, I’ve identified the different places to eat on both campuses and highlighted the wide range of different veggie, vegan and halal options there are 😋

Talbot Campus:

Talbot campus has Dylan’s bar which serves a wide range of food for student prices. When considering a veggie or vegan option, Dylan’s bar has several different meals such as meat free burgers, vegan fry ups, veggie and vegan ciabattas and vegan burritos.

There is a Starbucks café on the ground floor of the SUBU building. The café offers alternative milks to create vegan drinks and has several veggie and vegan lunch options including bagels and pizza slices.

In the fusion building, there is Forum café which offers various dishes. These include international meals, a salad bar, pizza and pasta special, British classics and ciabatta sandwiches. Form this large selection, there are multiple different vegan and veggie options.

The student shop is in Poole house and offers many different lunch and snack options. This includes meal deals, sandwiches, pasta pots, crisps and chocolate. Within this shop there are many vegan and vegetarian options.

Lansdowne Campus:

At Bournemouth Gateway Building, there is the Alumni Café and a Costa Coffee. The Costa Coffees serves different cakes and pastries as well as many drinks with alternative milk. The Alumni Café serves a cooked lunch which can include pasta, curry, jacket potato and soup. This café also serves pre made paninis and sandwiches. There is always a vegan option for the daily hot meal and there is a wide range of veggie/vegan options with the pre-made food such as vegan sausage rolls.

In the Executive Business Centre, there is the Market Deli which also provides a selection of sandwiches, as well as pasta, jacket potatoes, soup, cakes and pastries.

If you are looking for somewhere nice to eat that serves Halal food, Mo’s Food Club is the perfect place to go. Even though it isn’t on either of the Bournemouth campuses, Mo’s Food Club is only a 10 minute walk away from Talbot campus as it is located in Winton high street. The restaurant serves a wide range of Arabic food including Shawarma and Falafel.

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