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Moving to Bournemouth soon? Whether you’re local to Bournemouth or elsewhere, keep reading to find out more about my experience booking accommodation as a disabled student and my experience with ResLifeBU.

So firstly, I travelled to Bournemouth for an open day and took a tour of the accommodation. I checked out Student Village, Cranborne House, Lyme Regis House, Home Park and ended with Dorchester House. Dorchester was my favourite, but the others came pretty close! I spoke to the staff in Dorchester House about my medical needs, and they were super understanding and reassuring. Best of all, they were realistic about the things that could be put in place to support me, and they stuck to it throughout the entire time I lived there!

Dorchester House – Standard Bedroom

My booking process was a little different to most peoples’, the accommodation team reserved me a flat – I didn’t get to choose it like most people did, but fortunately I ended up in the most amazing flat, with really friendly and clean flatmates. The team are really accommodating to students’ individual needs and can really cater to what you need – for example, I didn’t need a ground floor wheelchair accessible flat, but they are able to help you if this is something you require. Therefore, I would really recommend coming for an open day and getting in touch with the accommodation team to discuss your requirements.

Gingerbread Decorating

Once I’d settled in and decorated my room, it was time to explore the ResLifeBU events. First up they held a welcome BBQ party on the day of arrival, so you could meet your new neighbours. Soon after there was terrarium decorating to make your room cosier. They also had an Animal Roadshow, quiz and movie nights, Christmas events (gingerbread decorating + hot chocolate and mulled wine drinking!). During exam season, they offered free massages and brought super cute dogs to all the halls of residence to encourage you to take a small wellness break. Other events included Yin Yoga, beach walks, litter picking and so many more. Oh, and the best part? The ResLife events are free, since a small amount of your rent goes towards the programme!

I started my first year of university in 2019, so I returned home when the COVID pandemic began, however, my ResLife experience was not impacted at all. They continued to hold regular virtual events, such as quizzes and Geoguessers with prizes – it really helped me to still feel connected as a university student despite being miles away from campus. Now, I’m in my final year and I really do miss the events and support provided by ResLifeBU.

As a future (or even a current) BU student, I would really encourage you to go along to the ResLifeBU events, it really does enhance your experience and help you settle into your new home. Bournemouth is truly a great place to live and study for everyone and I would recommend it to anyone.

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