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This is a guest blog by Sherrie Hale, BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing BU student studying at our Yeovil Campus.

Hi, my name is Sherrie Hale I am a 28, second-year Nursing student, and I am also a wife and mother to a 3-year-old and 4-year-old. I am studying adult nursing at BU’s Yeovil campus. Choosing this university was a personal choice because it is within half hour from where I live and the more flexible timetabling because of childcare commitments. I did not do that well at school and did not achieve any GCSEs, but I have worked hard since and gained NVQs 2 & 3 and an access course to be able to have the opportunity to study Adult Nursing.Student Sherrie and her family

The Yeovil campus itself is smaller than a normal campus but it gives a family-feel when meeting other students, because of the smaller student intake this allows everyone to become close-knit. The age range of the students is mainly mature students meaning there are lots of Mums and Dads studying alongside each other who can share struggles and suggestions on how they are completing essays with having children. We have also recently restarted the sandwich van attending the campus. Some students like to use the campus to study instead of home because of the distractions that come with staying at home (cleaning, children).

The Yeovil campus teaching team are very supportive and approachable if the need arises, they are all very understanding of mother and father duties. We have just started to be more on-campus teaching which has been great. Staff listen to concerns and to the best of their abilities find solutions. The placement team have listened to our request for different types of placements, such as prison placement which I will be attending this year and am looking forward to.

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