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This is a guest blog by current student Poppy Densley, studying BSc (Hons) Mental Health Nursing.

I am currently a third year student Mental Health Nurse. I chose Mental Health Nursing as my career path because I took an interest in Mental Health after studying it in my A-level Psychology classes. I also have lived experiences of mental health as my mum has moderate-severe depression. Having lived with my mum I have seen how she has struggled but also how she has overcome many difficulties. To me my mum is a superstar and shows huge amounts of motivation despite her poor mental health.

My course is hard work but I love it. My training allows me to demonstrate my caring nature and ability to advocate for those in my care, ensuring they get the best decisions made for them. I have had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of teams which I have felt a part of and have had a positive impact on my training. For me, the most valuable part of my training is knowing that what I do no matter how big or small it is can have a positive impact on a person’s day or life. I enjoy working with each individual to help a person get to their own personal recovery, which differs for everyone. Recovery can mean being able to live with their mental health problems in a positive and sustainable way. These positive experiences really do make my training worth it despite the hard work and tears!

I have also spent time researching and being an advocate for organisations such as Mind, Time to Change and Young Minds. They work towards ending the stigma around mental health, providing information by all those affected by mental health. I recently ran the Bristol 10k for Young Minds and raised more than £400! One of the many great things about becoming a Mental Health Nurse is that your career can go anywhere. I am looking to work with children, adolescents and university students once I qualify. I will hopefully obtain a job where I can help them with their mental health and their own personal journey.

Mental health is real, we all have mental health. Be kind to one another you never know what a person is going through.

Poppy Densley, Mental Health Nursing.

**New for 2020: All nursing students on courses from September 2020 may be eligible for non-repayable government funding of at least £5,000 a year and mental health nursing students may also be eligible for an additional £1,000 as it has been confirmed as a shortage specialism. Further details on who can access the support will be available in early 2020. Find out more information about the funding in the website.**

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