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This guest blog has been written by Javairia Saeed who came from Pakistan to study Msc Medical Imaging with Management at Bournemouth University. 

Before studying at BU, I had been working as a Sonographer in Tawam Hospital, UAE for the past six years. I was seeking for a well-designed, comprehensive postgraduate programme to further my understanding of medical imaging because my clinical work has been so satisfying.

I chose to study at Bournemouth University because of their stellar academic reputation and excellent rank among UK universities. I loved learning from a variety of academics and professionals throughout the course, including medical physicists, radiologists, radiographers, and others, who have worked in the disciplines for many years and can provide viewpoints on a topic.

During my time at Bournemouth University, I have developed my academic and research skills through completing the core modules. I’ve also upgraded my understanding of advanced image analysis and post-processing methods. During lectures, we were required to give presentations to a group of students and professors, and the markings given by the professors and the peers were used towards our final grades. As a result I became more comfortable speaking on medical-related issues. The fact that there are MRI and ultrasound machines on campus is what I thought to be most unique and intriguing. This allowed us to understand more about the machines themselves as well as how they are installed and kept safe. My whole class was comprised of students from various nations, which was really quite helpful for my educational level because it provided a variety of points of view for discussions. In addition to being an interesting and vibrant city to live in, I really liked getting to know Bournemouth and the areas around it.

Even though it was challenging for me to complete assignments as an international student, my knowledge was greatly expanded. All the academics were very helpful, especially the course leader Dr. Theo. He was always willing to assist us. In the case that I needed him at any moment, he would set up a meeting right away. His kindness made me feel like I could do anything and can get good grades.

The fundamental understanding of imaging modalities and the lectures from the experienced radiologists and NHS radiographers during my studies made me feel more confident during the interviews for NHS as a sonographer. After submitting several applications, and interviews I secured a job as a sonographer in the NHS in May, and I began working there in August.

I wish the best of luck to the future students of BU, you chose the right place to enhance your knowledge and skills.

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