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My name is Alejandra Toro, I am a 24-year-old psychology graduate from Colombia currently studying a Master’s in Nutrition and Behaviour at BU. I took a risk when I decided to undertake a degree in a field that was unknown for me, which, by the way, was scary at first. Nonetheless, this course caught my attention when I realised that it actually combines the knowledge of nutrition, psychology and many other approaches.

About the programme

Before coming here, I didn’t know what to expect, but now I can truly say that it was the right choice. First, the programme gives you a fundamental understanding of nutrition and a further knowledge of its current issues. Besides, it broadens your perspective about human behaviour and answers a lot of questions about why we behave in certain ways and consume certain food. Teachers are always available, people are really kind and the courses are clear and easy to follow.

The language

Moreover, the primary language of this course, which is English, got me a bit nervous since is not my mother tongue, but it turns out, it wasn’t an issue at all. Because the lectures are well structured, and you have a lot of material available to help you. Also, the university itself has different resources to further develop your study or communication skills. I have always felt welcome and supported by the teachers as well as the students I have met here, which reflect the big supportive atmosphere within the class.

More than just knowledge

Besides nutritional and behavioural knowledge, I have learnt a lot about time management and communication skills. For example, I’m currently undertaking a placement, as part of the course, with Sports BU, which is sports centre at university. I have done a lot of independent research and apply almost everything I have learnt so far in real life situations. Although I still have a lot to discover, it feels good to take risks and face professional challenges.

In other words…

What I truly adore about this Master is that it has taught me tangible and current issues concerning nutrition and behaviour. This master is helping me fulfil my dream of becoming a Nutritional Psychologist and working for the government of Colombia or other countries in the area of Public Health or Education.

By Alejandra Toro
MSc Nutrition and Behaviour