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Results Day is during the month of August, typically. You may be invited into your school or college to collect your results in person, if you are still awaiting results, as well as receive an automated update on UCAS. UCAS will update on the morning to say whether you’ve been accepted or not at your firm or insurance university choices. If you’ve been accepted, it’s time to celebrate and plan a summer ahead ready for your confirmed place! The university may email you with your next steps and send you a welcome guide.

If things don’t go as you hoped for, or you haven’t yet applied to uni, there are teams at universities and UCAS to help support you with your next steps. The first thing to do if you haven’t already, is call the university that you hoped to get accepted by but didn’t quite meet the requirements. They may have spaces available still or be willing to accept you based on a quick interview over the phone. From my experience, I’ve seen this a possibility for certain courses and universities, particularly if you missed the entry requirements by just a handful of UCAS points. If this is not an option, your next step is to ring around other universities. It gives you the opportunity to find the right university and course for you with no conditions left to meet.UCAS Clearing

On the UCAS website, you can find available a list of courses and use this system to see if a university would accept you. Doing this, enables you to see how many options you have, as you’ll likely have numerous ‘offers’ from universities, giving you the freedom to choose. Remember it’s ok to take your time to weigh up your options before deciding which one to confirm, as once confirmed, the university expects you to attend that course.

Once you’ve accepted an offer via the telephone, and have permission from the university, you can add your Clearing choice in UCAS from 3pm. You can only enter one choice, and once added it means you are committing to the course. The university will then accept this, in order for your place to be officially confirmed through UCAS.

After that, you can relax. Your acceptance has been made and you can celebrate! Good luck! 🙂

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