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As 2019 flies by, we are now approaching the time of year when many  of you will be starting to think about replying to university offers on UCAS! Deciding on your firm and insurance choices can be a daunting and nerve-wracking decision to make, as after all we are talking about where you could be spending the next 3 or 4 years! So here is a clear break down of the UCAS timeline and when you need to decide.

So, you are at the stage now where you have applied to the universities of your choice and are waiting on responses. Many of you may even already have all your responses and offers of places. These offers will be displayed on track ready for you to reply to. You do not have to make a decision or reply to any offers until you have heard from all of your universities or colleges. If you have received all your offers by the 31stMarch 2019, the date that you must reply by will be the 1stMay 2019. However, don’t panic if this isn’t the case for you! The deadline that you need to reply to your offers by is dependent on the date of the last decision made by your universities or colleges, and so may differ from the date above, or your friends’ ones. This date will be displayed clearly at the top of your track page

‘Replying’ involves officially deciding on your firm and insurance choices of university or college. Your firm choice is your first choice, i.e. your favourite university and the one you want to go to.

If the offer that you accept as your firm choice is unconditional, the place is yours! This also means that all other offers must be declined, as you have chosen to commit to that one offer so the university will expect you as their student. If the offer however is conditional, you may also choose an insurance choice after your firm choice. This will act as a back-up for if you do not meet the conditions and requirements to get into your firm choice. In this case, it is not mandatory to choose an insurance choice, but if you do choose to do so, you must be happy with your decision that this will be the university you will attend if you do not get your firm choice, so think carefully! As soon as you have made your decision, your replies will show in track, so it is definitely worth checking them over to check that they are all correct. If however you notice a mistake, don’t panic! Just give UCAS a call with your personal ID number to hand, and an adviser will be able to help you out.

Results day will be when you find out if you have met your firm or insurance choice’s requirements, and this year falls on 15thAugust 2019. Hopefully you will get the exam grades you need however if you do not meet the requirements, you will have the option of being entered into Clearing which you can find out more about using the link below.




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