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Final year

BA (Hons) Social Work

University for me hasn’t just been about studying academically. It’s allowed me to learn lots about myself, my future and the world around me. When I first applied, I don’t believe that I realised at the time, the amount of growing as a person you do whilst at university, especially during your early to late 20’s. For most people, university shapes them into adult life as is far more than just studies.

University offered lots of extracurricular activities for me to get involved with. I ran for Women’s Committee, and was able to campaign for local change for Women at BU. I was able to listen to students and learn about local issues and challenges in minority groups and what we as students could do to change this. Alongside this, I learnt about employment, Bournemouth’s graduation support and practice interviews. I was able to set up mock interviews and learn more about the skills I’d need and should be showing to future employers.

Whilst at university, if this is your first time living away from home, you’ll learn about how to manage finances, understand how to rent properties, and how to balance life on a student budget.

BU highlights events all year round, such as Chinese New Year, International Women’s Day, International Social Work Day, Bournemouth Pride, Cancer Awareness, and many more, that I chose to get involved with. Should this be from pop up stands across both campuses, to events on the beach, social get-togethers outside of the university buildings.

Bournemouth University have a student support service that offers advice and support on next to anything. I found it was a great help to my wellbeing, and there were lots of tips and advice to reduce student stress, levels of homesickness and your general motivation and mental wellbeing.

University has taught me to be independent. This is particularly true if you’re moving away from your home settings. If you didn’t have certain life skills before the 3 years, you can count on the fact you’ll leave with them. From learning to socialise and meet new people, to learning to cook, manage finances, bills and learning to get along with people you may have to live with.

SUBU Elections Night 2019 (Women’s Committee)

University has taught me that I can juggle anything. From childcare worries, endless deadlines and studies, buying a house during my degree, managing three part-time jobs, a global pandemic… It has taught me that I can always find a way to make everything work out.

Now I am a final year student, I feel more prepared than ever to enter employment and graduate life. I believe all the opportunities BU has to offer, has enabled me to become more self-aware, self-resilient and positive for a realistic and hopeful future.

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