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My journey from home to Bournemouth had been extremely exhausting with over 20 hours spent flying and dragging my luggage. The days following it were to be spent quarantining in my BU accommodation in accordance with the government guidelines. I was told by ResLife that we would be provided with a basic isolation pack. To my joy, the pack not only contained essential food to last 3 days, but also kitchenware and bedding that would help me sail through quarantine. What also assisted me in this period was learning about ResLife Wellness and the Welfare Coordinators. Knowing that I had someone to reach out to if I was having any troubles settling in was very reassuring. 

Food items on a desk as part of a isolation welcome pack given to students on arrival at BU

My isolation package left in my room for when I arrived

Having spent ten days in a new country looking out of the window of my room, it was very exciting when my first day out happened to be a pizza party organised by ResLife to welcome everyone in my accommodation. It was a wonderful opportunity to not only get to know my flatmates better but also to meet students from the neighbouring flats.

Over the course of the next month, I tried to join every ResLife event that I could. There was a tour of Bournemouth as well as trips to the Studland Bay, Durdle Door, Newforest and Poole. I got to learn so much about the town I was going to be living in. There were also multiple arts and crafts workshops with items to decorate our rooms with. I got to paint flowerpots and even make my own little terrarium.

Plant pot and plants

I made a terranium!

Ever since, ResLife has become a cherished part of my university life. From my first time playing Murder Trivia Party to holding a tarantula, through it, I have been able to experience a lot since I came here. Even during the holiday seasons, when most students left to meet their families, the programme has helped me feel right at home. From Christmas to Diwali and even Pancake day, there has been something planned for them all. 

A women holding a tarantula

Me holding a tarantula – scary but amazing

Whether one is an incoming student, looking for friends or simply bored, ResLifeBU has a wide range of events which help everyone fit right into life at Bournemouth.

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