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You’ve confirmed your offer! You feel completely relieved now that you’ve spent weeks, if not months, trying to decide which university and course is right for you, and you’ve done it. Now you’re ready to start preparing for the university you’ve chosen as your top choice. Accommodation options tend to open for bookings around this time, you can start to prepare for this by visiting the university for accommodation tours or looking online at the university’s virtual accommodation tours. Bournemouth University shares their accommodation options here where you can watch videos on the rooms and see average weekly costs: Accommodation for September starters | Bournemouth University. Within 1 working day of accepting your offer to study at BU, you’ll be able to login to the Accommodation Portal and register for your ‘accommodation guarantee’. This is a guaranteed room in a BU accommodation. If you hold a conditional offer for BU, you will be able to move onto stage 2 of booking your accommodation from late May, if you’re lucky enough to hold an unconditional offer, this is already open to you. At this stage you can choose and reserve a room at Bournemouth University accommodation and once your place at BU becomes confirmed, this reservation becomes confirmed also. You can read up about how to book your room here: How to book accommodation | Bournemouth University.

After you’ve confirmed your offer at university, you may want to think about how to fund your course and living costs. Most applicants will be eligible for a loan through Student Finance England. There are two types of loans available, a tuition fee loan and a maintenance loan. You can read more about this here: Apply online for student finance – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

Should you firm your choice at university and then change your mind, you have up to 14 days from accepting the offer to contact a UCAS advisor and notify them to change your choices. I smoothly swapped my firm and insurance around after I changed my mind a few days in. If you’ve waited more than 14 days since you replied to your offers to change your mind, there is a more detailed process to follow. It may be possible, but it is up to the university’s discretion to release you of the contract you have agreed with them.

If you’ve confirmed your place or offer for Bournemouth University, you may wish to chat to fellow students through our Unibuddy platform: Unibuddy | Bournemouth University. You can filter through area of study, country or level, as well as selecting ‘Match me with an ambassador’ to be matched up. There are also various Facebook pages that are set up each year for new applicants, as well as ongoing ones. For example: Bournemouth University Offer Holders 2022, currently has over 400 members so would be a great starting point to chat to others in a similar position to yourself.

You can attend as many Open Days as you like, virtually and physically. I, myself, attended one after I confirmed my offer and made the most of emailing the lecturing team with further questions and queries around the course. Get to know other students who are offer holders too, by searching on social media for ‘Bournemouth University Offer Holder’ pages. There are lots of events Bournemouth holds over the summer months before you will begin university, so you can arrange a weekend to visit your potential new town and explore.

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