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I arrived in the United Kingdom in the last week of September 2021. My country India was on the Amber list during that time which meant that l had to make various travel plans, book quarantine accommodation, get an RT-PCR test all in the midst of the pandemic. I was extremely grateful to the travels team of Bournemouth University because they were there for me for even the smallest doubts that I had. They helped me a lot and they were in touch with me through emails during my immigration process. 

The travel team not only provided assistance but also a taxi service from Heathrow Airport to Bournemouth. It was a great gesture of kindness and warmth that provided me with zeal and a feeling of someone close being there to take care of me. Heathrow Airport being one of the busiest airports in the world, I had to wait for 5 hours in a long queue with heavy bags after 10 hours of tiring flight journey, as some technical issue had closed all the counters except one. The taxi service was for free and was great. The procedure to get it was also not complicated. We had to write an email to the travel team of BU and send them our flight details like departure time, arrival time, arrival terminus, UK number contact details, etc and the taxi service was provided for free. 

Being an international student was very daunting at the beginning with many formalities to be completed. We had to fill up the passenger locator form from our departure country and take care of other formalities as well. The travel team at BU was very helpful for these formalities. They had explained all the procedures for filling up forms, booking test kits and they also helped me with my accommodation queries. 

Kudos to the travel team. Amazing gesture by BU, glad that I am a part of this university. I am grateful and I very much appreciate it. 

All information correct as of September 2021 – arrival information might change year to year 

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