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This is a guest blog by BA (Hons) Events Management student Emma Cottingham. Emma shares what it is like to study at Bournemouth University and offers some top tips to future students starting university.

Why did you decide to study at BU and what attracted you to the Events Management degree?

I have always been interested in events and had a passion for the growing industry from a young age but I was not sure if university was for me. It was late April 2019 when I decided to take the plunge and apply, and I haven’t looked back since. The course interested me due to the variety of taught units, the opportunities made available with the course, such as study abroad and the placement year.

What do you like the most about studying at BU?

The support the lecturers give students when struggling with assignments or signposting to the correct support teams is second to none. During the last year, communication from senior staff regarding updates has been frequent and always ensures student safety comes first! The onsite and off-campus resources are amazing whether you want to take time away from studying and socialise with friends in the campus cafes or you want to complete assignments with peers in the library, there is always room to meet your needs.

Do you have a favourite unit?

My favourite unit to date has been Consumer Psychology. Going into the unit I was so unsure if I would enjoy it, having never studied psychology I knew I may find it challenging; however, I have come away from the unit with improved research skills and developed my critical thinking. The two coursework components that form the unit assessment allowed me to reflect on a past event experience whilst incorporating context learnt and applying consumer behaviour alongside the market mix.

How do you feel your degree is preparing you for your future?

The university has links to local businesses which provide volunteer opportunities to students to gain experience within the industry. Within the first six weeks of starting the course, I volunteered at the Dorset Tourism Awards where I gained a wealth of experience which I can put onto my CV and use towards placement and graduate jobs in the future. The taught units provide a great level of content and allow you to tailor coursework pieces to your personal areas of interest, again giving discussion opportunities at interviews with potential employees.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of studying Events Management at Bournemouth University?

Definitely take part in an Open Day and don’t be afraid to ask questions to lecturers from the course, it will help you make the important decision. Explore the course content, it may not be for everyone, different universities offer different content.

Finally, would you like to share any top tips with future students to help them prepare for university life?

In the lead up to arriving, connect with potential students from your year group, accommodation providers and your course, this will make joining feel less daunting! I don’t feel anything can prepare you enough for this experience, it is easier said than done but relax and enjoy your time. Coming to university was the biggest leap I’ve taken in life but one I am so proud of and forever grateful for doing.


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