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At Bournemouth University there are lots of ways to gain global work experience.  Current student Tiger talks to us about his work placement at WeTransfer in Amsterdam and explains how it will help him once he graduates from his course.

Tiger received Erasmus+ funding to help support him during his placement whilst studying Business Studies at BU.  The Erasmus+ fund can help cover some of the expense incurred by undertaking an overseas traineeship in Continental Europe. Erasmus+ funding is for traineeships that are 60 days or longer and take place in the European Economic Area (EEA).  Funding is currently available for voluntary traineeships and placements until 31 May 2023.

More information on finding and funding for work overseas can be found on our Work Overseas web pages.

What research did you do, what job search or networking platforms did you use?

“I have connections in Amsterdam, which have lead me to where I am now. I applied for many jobs via LinkedIn and other third party recruiters. I also attended networking events for the first few months and made myself available to company owners.”

What things are different/ similar between life in Bournemouth and your overseas destination (e.g. culturally, environmentally, personally)?

Having a meal with colleagues

“In Amsterdam the people are generally more cosmopolitan, a mixture of all kinds, from professionals, to students and families. I’m living a very different lifestyle in Bournemouth, a bubble almost. My friends are my neighbours, the pubs become the main social hub and sports take over with my teammates. Very different compared to the working life; now you’re rubbing shoulders with people you look up to as they’ve achieved the goals I’ve set to make in the next 5 years.”

How is your traineeship relevant to your studies?

“My traineeship is relevant because the company I work for is a creative tech company, not only offering a free internet service, but also using a creative initiative to offer original content partnerships in the advertising world. As an Account Manager, I’ve directly supported Account & Sales Directors, managers across various teams and VPs on the Board, learning business in the rawest form. I’ve gained valuable experience on the front line of a world class company, communicating with clients, partners and other business-related individuals.”

What has been your greatest achievement?

Beautiful scenery close by

“Life experience is more valuable than anything, but starting my career in a different country makes your CV shuffle towards the top of the pile, but working for a company like WeTransfer, it’s like having a golden nugget in the back pocket. Giving you confidence and valuable knowledge future employers like to see.”

Find out more about Tiger’s experience.


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