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This is a guest blog written by Rebecca.

Why did you come to BU? I came to BU as they are well known for their expertise in the media sector.

Placement job title, company and location: Design Intern at Primrose in Reading

Outbound Christmas Jumper Day

Describe your role and responsibilities: Throughout the year, I have had a number of responsibilities from designing and coding emails, to print and digital work. I have learned to check my work for important elements such as alignment and ensuring each piece of work meets with the clients brand guidelines. I have been lucky enough to go on a video shoot for a HP interactive advert and have my print work featured in Argos, English Garden and Gardeners World.

What has been the highlight of the year? The biggest highlight of my placement year is being offered a job working remotely while I am still at university and seeing my work in a number of magazines and on the company website.

What has been the biggest challenge? The biggest challenge for me was the decision to move placements. I was at a point where I didn’t feel myself being challenged anymore, and felt there was still so much I could take from my placement year. So getting up the courage to make the move and go into a much smaller team where I have been one of two designers, added a lot of pressure, but I am glad I did it and really feel it has helped grow my confidence in my own abilities.

Has this experience helped you gain a better idea about your future career? During my placement year, I have been working in many areas of design and it has really helped me decide what I would like to do in my future. I would like to complete a Master’s Degree at Bournemouth, so I can get into the visual effects industry and move into video.

Did you feel that the course prepared you for placement year? Although my course did touch on some elements of design, it is highly based on coding, which unfortunately I did not have much opportunity to use in my placements. I don’t think any course can really fully prepare you for what you will experience in a working environment, they are so fast paced and constantly changing.

How did you find the support from the University during your placement year? The University were really helpful during my placement year, if I ever had any worries I would just email and get a prompt reply. My Placement Development Advisor has given me a lot of guidance and suggestions for things that might help me when pursuing a Masters Degree and was brilliant when I was contemplating moving placements.

Me & the team after Tough Mudder

Final thought…For anyone unsure about placement year I would say just take the plunge. It is scary at first getting to know new people and learning new skills, but it really does prepare you for the future. Whether you love the job and know it’s what you want to do when you finish your course or you might realise you are interested in another area, you won’t know until you give it a chance. I feel confident going into my final year and now have a clear goal to aim for.


Feedback from your supervisor:

What was it about Rebecca’s application that made you select her from the other candidates? Becky was enthusiastic in her interview and had a very solid portfolio of both projects she had worked on at university and on her initial placement. She showed both a good range of skills and had worked on app design, which was a direction we had been planning to touch on at the company.

How was it having her on your team? Becky has been a joy to work with, joining in with group discussions, joining department outings and helping out in areas of the business that weren’t expected of her. Her willingness to learn and expand into other areas, not just design has lead to us offering her to work remotely while she returns to university, on a part-time basis.

Any advice for BU students wanting to follow in Rebecca’s footsteps of working as a placement student? From my own personal experience with university and working with placement students, it is a great way to work on the job and learn in a work environment, which is essential in the modern day. Leaving university with a degree AND experience is important in your job search.




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