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MA Media and Communication

Hi everyone! I am Sujata from India and I’m currently at Bournemouth University studying MA Media and Communication. In this blog, I am going to tell you a little bit about the weather in Bournemouth, and some of the exciting outdoor activities here.

Cold winters but not that bad

I came to Bournemouth in September 2018; at that time the weather was quite mild. I used to wear a single layer, with one sweater or jacket on top, but sometimes when it was very sunny I used to just wear a summer top. Even in October it wasn’t that cold.

I started experiencing the real cold weather when it got to November. Since I come from India, the weather and climate over there is very different from Bournemouth. If anyone reading this is from India then they would be able to relate to that. In Bournemouth, from November onwards, it starts getting cold, and can stay quite cold until April. All you have to do is to wear lots of layers and gloves, or carry a warm drink in your hands!

Rains quite often but not that heavily

Sometimes it might feel like sunny days in Bournemouth are few and far between, but when you experience one it is just incredible. It rains fairly frequently, but it is rarely heavy rain. It’s more of a drizzle, and you can basically walk in the rain and it won’t bother you much. All that I would recommend is that you wear a light waterproof coat, or a jacket with a hood.


One of the best parts of Bournemouth is the beach. In a recent TripAdvisor survey, it was ranked as the best beach in the United Kingdom. It is beautiful and seven miles long! It’s my favourite place to go and relax after a busy day, but it’s also a great place to go on my days off when I have nothing to do. June and July are the best times to go to the beach and have a bonfire and a barbecue with a group of good friends.


As Bournemouth is on the coast, it can get quite windy here, but thankfully the temperature doesn’t get too low. The lowest temperature that I have personally experienced so far is -2 degrees, but the cool breeze and the wind can make it feel colder. I still remember that, at the end of January, there were a couple of days where it was so windy that it was difficult to even walk! However, it’s fun to experience this kind of weather sometimes.

This is the kind of weather that I’ve experienced in Bournemouth. So far I have really enjoyed the weather, but I like winters! Before coming to Bournemouth, I thought that it would be really cold and unmanageable, but it has definitely been far nicer than what I was expecting.