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The global coronavirus pandemic has affected pretty much everything, from how we live our daily lives to how we work. University has been no exception to this and has become another key thing that has been adapted to function online. So, as university has adapted, so must we! Here I will share some skills that I have found are great for warmly welcoming the new digital norm.

The Virtual Classroom
Whichever stage of education you are at, you are most likely used to studying in an environment with 20+ other students present, especially when it comes to tasks such as group work, in-class discussions, or peer learning. These parts of university work have really felt the impacts of new changes to comply with health and safety measures. However, there are ways to embrace this virtual change. For example, there are some fantastic video meeting software such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype and many more that allow you to mimic a classroom meeting. With some organisation and forward planning, a good way to do make the most of your new virtual environment would be to schedule some video call meetings in the same way you would schedule real meetings. This way the process is mimicked as it would be in real life. You may even find you prefer it! After all, what’s better than waking up 10 minutes before your meeting and being able to keep your pj’s on your bottom half!

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Ways to Combat Feeling Isolated from Working at Home

As a final year geography student, this past term has been a strange one. Finishing off my dissertation at home in my childhood bedroom was certainly not how I envisioned finishing university! Throughout lockdown, I tried to maintain some kind of normality by setting up regular virtual video meetings with peers and staff members when I required some assistance or had questions about delivered content. This was a great way to keep up the feeling that I still had some guidance, even during a global pandemic! I would strongly encourage this to anyone entering the virtual learning environment at university. I have even been using these virtual video calling platforms for workouts and exercise classes!



Although it may seem a little daunting now (completely normal to feel that way!), in time you will adapt and get used to the new virtual learning environment, and hey you might even like it or develop some new skills from it! Wishing everyone returning to or starting their university journey this September the best of luck!






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