Karina Rocio Pilco Flores Produced by
from Peru


MSc Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship

Having trained as a translator and interpreter, I wanted to give life to my dream of having my own company. I followed the traditional way of working for a person or organisation. However, I was determined to start something of my own. Since I didn’t have any background in business, I decided to study management. From that moment on, I saw myself as an entrepreneur, not an employee. 

Finding a home in another country

Then the big question popped up in my head: ‘Where should I study?’ The hardest part was finding the correct place. I first thought about studying in my home country, but there were no universities that completely met my expectations. I guess that’s when I considered studying abroad. The one thing I was sure of was that I wanted to have the feeling of doing the right thing. And it happened just like that!

Why I chose Bournemouth University

After deciding to study in England, I searched universities on different websites. I had three universities in mind, but Bournemouth University was the best option for me. When reading the range of postgraduate degree courses, I was fond of studying MSc Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship.

It’s been four months since I started my classes, and studying leadership, accounting, and innovation has given me a broad insight into the way business is conducted and managed.

‘You are probably at an early stage in your aspirations to perform management and entrepreneurial roles, so this is a wonderful time to have the opportunity to study and learn about ideas and practice, as they have developed, and as they are likely to evolve in the coming years, Dr Nasiru Taura, my Programme Leader, stated in an announcement posted a couple of days ago. I don’t know exactly what life has in store for me, but studying MSc Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship is showcasing my passion for developing my business.

My favorite highlight of the class

One of the best highlights of my classes was a lecture with the CEO of a start-up. This activity provided my classmates and I with a nurturing discussion to have a more valuable learning experience. Listening to a serial entrepreneur was such a remarkable event. Actually, I learned more about business model innovation through this CEO’s first-hand perspective. I appreciate that BU can invite entrepreneurs for sharing their successful experiences in real-time sessions with students.

Leaving Peru meant saying goodbye to a home full of memories. However, coming to BU was the place where I could make my dreams come true. When I embarked on this adventure, I knew I wanted to do something I was eager to do A long time ago. I feel happy for having found a place that will contribute an added value to my personal and professional development.