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While degrees stand central in student lives, it is not all there is at BU. There are lots of clubs and societies that you can be a part of. Whether it is to have fun, learn a new sport or build your portfolio – SUBU, our student organisation, has a vast number of clubs and societies on their page to get you involved during your time at BU.

Why choose to join a club/society?

The number one reason for joining a society for me was because I wanted to have something to do in my free time that would be valuable after graduation. This is why I joined Nerve Media, the First Aid society and Self Defence at Sport BU. I liked being a part of these societies because they taught me that university is not just about studying, it is also about the experience and being part of a community, and they definitely made my time more fun here!

Nerve Media, our student media organisation, is really great if you want to dive into the media and build your portfolio in journalism, film and TV or radio. You don’t need to have any kind of experience, or have to be doing something in Media, as long as you have the enthusiasm, everyone is welcome! I joined as a contributing writer and wrote articles on events going around the uni, such as the Halloween Block Party or Bonfire Night, movie reviews and news of around the place, such as Trump’s Election. It is a really cool opportunity to see your articles in print and having people read them. If you join radio, you’ll have the chance to create your own show and broadcast your playlists on campus.

Trump Nerve Media Article, sourced from Nerve Media 


The First Aid Society is nice if you want to have some experience as a first aider, since the university has links with organisations like Saint John’s Ambulance, or if you would like to learn and get a qualification.

Self-Defence speaks for itself, it combines both working out and learning useful techniques in case you need to defend yourself. I quite liked it because it gave me a chance to de-stress and meet fun people. I took the course at Sport BU, so very close to campus, plus the group is very friendly and has everyone from all levels.

How To Get Involved

Freshers Fairs is the best place to get involved with clubs, societies and sport teams. You can browse through the stands, talk to the members themselves, and sign up for taster sessions on the spot! Plus, you get lots of free goodies on the day and there is also live music on campus. Our next fair will hopefully be taking place on September 26th on our lovely Talbot Campus.

If you miss the fair though, SUBU has a list of all of our clubs and societies on their site where you can email the society for a taster session or pay for your membership. There is a varied selection as well, from surfing society and ultimate frisbee, to art, anime, internationals societies and volunteering. There is a place for everyone. Especially for the ones who like volunteering, BU has lots of groups that are doing online activities to help the environment, care homes and those who are having a hard time during lockdown.

Form You Own Society

Can’t find what you are looking for? Start your own society here! It is very easy. You just need an idea, a committee of 5 (yourself included) and apply to the student union. As long as there is enthusiasm, anything is welcome! Also, starting your own society looks very nice on your CV!

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