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My name is Sam and I am a paramedic.

Six months ago I graduated from Bournemouth University’s BSc (Hons) Paramedic Science course. I would never have expected within such a short space of time from graduating that I would be working on the frontline during a global pandemic. The clinical decision making and critical thinking I learnt during my time at BU have assisted me more than I could have ever imagined during these unprecedented times. As we are battling a virus we know little about, the ability to read, critically analyse and appraise research is essential accompanied by the clinical skills I have learnt.

I am regularly facing patients who are symptomatic with Covid-19 and our demand is ever-increasing, it has been a challenging time to ensure everyone receives the best care possible whilst fighting a pandemic, but also the most rewarding time to help the community I serve. I am currently in temporary accommodation to protect my family from the exposure risks I am facing, a small price to pay to make a huge difference.

I have received letters from my nieces who are incredibly proud of me during this time, knowing I am making a difference keeps me powering through and working harder than I ever have before.

Whilst everyone has been instructed to isolate by the government I am often one of the only direct contacts patients receive, the difference this makes to the elderly and vulnerable makes me incredibly proud to be a paramedic and being able to ensure people still receive emergency and urgent assessment and treatment is vital.

I am humbled by the amount of appreciation that we are receiving on a daily basis from members of the public and the kind gestures, the overwhelming feeling during the clap for carers every Thursday and the kind words we receive daily make me realise beyond doubt that I made the right decision within my career and education.

I would not be in the position I am now if it wasn’t for the faculty and course I studied at Bournemouth University.
To some it may just seem like 3 years of education, to me, those 3 years at BU have added an uncountable amount of years onto my patient’s lives. I am forever grateful for my time at Bournemouth University and am proud to be a BU graduate.



Sam Turner,

BSc (Hons) Paramedic Science graduate

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