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It has always been the case that the BSc Hons Adult Nursing is a physical and academic challenge, with the third and final year being the biggest challenge of all before graduating.  The unprecedented events around the current Coronavirus global pandemic have highlighted the need for increased numbers of healthcare professionals to join the NHS frontline, including third year students in the last 6 months before qualification. Being a third-year adult nursing student within the last 6 months of the degree I have been given the option to opt into a paid placement until the end of the course, while still completing academic work.  Each student has been given relevant information about the option to work, or not, weighing up the risks and benefits before reaching their decision through a national survey.

The decision to take part in a 6-month placement is not entirely straightforward and many factors need to be considered including the risk to my household and my own health. Being a nurse prior to coronavirus outbreak was also fraught with a variety of infectious diseases including influenza and norovirus, so the principles of infection prevention and control have been embedded in our practice. There are fears around joining practice during a pandemic, with one being around the levels of personal protective equipment across the UK and adopting new ways of practice, which temporarily differ from the ways we have been taught and feel quite alien to all healthcare professionals.

I chose to take this extraordinary opportunity to join the NHS frontline during this uncertain time because this is what I have been working towards and feel passionate about doing my duty as a nurse supporting patients and colleagues through this time.  I am excited to be joining the workforce and despite having a lot still to learn as a fledgling nurse I feel that I have enough skills, knowledge and attributes to be an effective member of the team while continuing to learn. I am incredibly proud of my peers and academic staff at Bournemouth University for rising to this challenge and consider myself to be privileged to be able to offer support at this time, which will also launch my registered nurse career.  The public response to the NHS is incredibly humbling and further drives me to want to offer my support in this crisis.

Daniel Fry,

3rd year BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing

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