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Whether you’re feeling anxious, bored or simply need a distraction during these times, work placement student Tia has come up with some ideas to do each day as we count down to life with a bit more normality!

Hi everyone, staying busy and remaining positive is a must at the moment. Below you will find a list of ideas of things you can do while in lockdown (note these are mine and I am sure there are plenty more). Write them down on a piece of paper and cut them up individually and put them in a bowl. Each day randomly select one and set yourself the goal of doing it! There does seem to be a lot of pressure to be super productive, so remember these should be fun and don’t beat yourself up if you don’t or can’t.

Here are my 21 Things To Do While In Lockdown:

1.Start learning a new language

There are some great apps out there for you to learn a new language. I am currently using Duolingo to learn Spanish but other examples include Babbel and Rosetta Stone.

2.  Groom your pet

You may only be able to take your dog on a walk occasionally but you could groom them one day. Give them a bath, a hair trim, clip their nails, etc. Maybe even find them a cute outfit, bow or neck tie for after. If you have an animal that has to get groomed regularly (like poodle cross dogs) but the vets are shut, why not give it a go yourself.

3. Minimalise your wardrobe

This is the perfect time to go through your clothes and get rid of anything you have worn since this time last year. If you’re like me and you think you have an emotional attachment to clothes and find any excuse to not get rid of them, put them in a box under your bed. If you haven’t thought about them in a couple months or so then get rid! Always remember to recycle them though!

4. Tidy your cupboards

Similar to the above – go through your cupboards and get rid of anything you haven’t used, don’t need, is broken or is outdated. If you haven’t used it you don’t need it! A decluttered home makes a better working environment.

5. Go through and listen to your parents old vinyls

I love listening to vinyls and it is one of the few interests I share with my dad. Every so often he’ll hear a song and ask me if I’ve “listened to this one yet”. I love going through and listening to them and finding new songs and artists I love.


Some of my mum and dad’s vinyls I’m listening to


6. Learn a new skill

Whether it be sewing, painting, drawing, photoshop, coding or anything else. Spend your free time developing your skills whether it is for fun or to develop your CV.

7. Do the admin work you keep putting off

There’s always those little jobs around the house that you need to do but keep putting off. The emails you need to reply to, online forms you still haven’t filled out, that job you want to apply to. Or if you are a student, start that essay you should be writing.

8. Have a group Facetime with your friends

Lots of people are now using the app house party to chat with friends face-to-face. It can be weird going from seeing someone everyday to not at all. Organise and make time for each other, now is more important than ever to stay connected.

9. Play a board game

Is there a more iconic thing than playing board games with your family? Find those board games at the back of your cupboard and get your whole family involved. Or even find some games/activities than can be played by one or two people like chess, a puzzle or sudoku. Get yourself and our brain busy!

10. Learn to bake or cook

When I was younger if I got bored I’d always go and do some baking. I found it so relaxing and I loved being able to just go into the cupboard and make something out of basic ingredients. This is also great for quarantine because not only are the ingredients stuff you can find in the cupboard but you get something yummy for everyone at the end of it.

What better time to learn to cook before you head to university than now? Get yourself on BBC Good Food or Tesco Recipes and get inspired.


A banana bread I baked (I only had a round tin)!


11. Do an online course

Some of these can be a little pricey but they can be worth it. If there is a specific area you want to go into after graduating or for your placement why not have a look, I’ve been looking into doing a fashion marketing 6 week online course. If you are thinking of doing a gap year or travelling after university why not look into doing the TEFL qualification so you can teach english as a language abroad.

12. Start a blog/website or develop the one you have

If you’ve always wanted to start a blog or create a website then now is a good time to get started. Or, if you already have one then dedicate time to writing more blogs, coding and making it look even better. Not only that, spend time promoting it and sharing it with the world.

13.  Try out some colouring or get crafty

Mindfulness colouring books are a great way to destress and take a break from your work. No matter how old you get, you have to love a bit of colouring! Some other ideas are paint by numbers, craft set, make something out of the things in your house, woodwork.

2 colouring books

14. Update your CV

You can update your CV with new experience, achievements or skills so you are ready to start applying for part-time jobs, placements and graduate jobs. Why not update or start your LinkedIn while you’re at it too.

15. Rest

It is so important to rest while you can. Your body needs time to heal, repair and rejuvenate, especially in a time like now. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to do too much to make up for the limitations on our life.

16. Binge box set

If you haven’t started already I’d be surprised. From Netflix to Prime, there are so many old and new box sets and films out there for you to watch! What are you watching?

17. Get out in the garden

I’ve always wanted a vegetable patch and my dad loves gardening, so hopefully I’ll be able to sway him to start one with me.  It’s a little tricky when we can’t get to a garden centre right now but you can get your garden ready for the summer. Sort out the grass or trim the hedges. There is something very therapeutic about gardening. My nan even cuts the daisy’s off her lawn and goes round the edges with a pair of scissors so it is perfectly straight.

18. Discover new artists

For me this is music artists but if you are into art then why not try and find an artist that inspires you. Last year I set myself a goal to listen to as many new artists as possible and ended up listening to over 150.

19. Create a fitness routine

Whether you go for a jog, long walk or create yourself a little boot camp in the garden get active. It is a great way to help your mental health as it releases endorphins. Doing it outside in this lovely weather isn’t a bad idea either. Why not give Joe Wicks PE lesson a go, my sister and my mum do it in the morning and it is very funny to watch.

20. Read a book

Once I left school the only thing I read is fashion magazines and academic articles. I recently bought some new books as I want to get back into reading the way I did when I was younger. I can’t wait to give them a read.


21. Volunteer for the NHS

If you can, why not dedicate a day to the NHS, even if it’s once a week or a fortnight. Even if you can’t leave your home you could do check in and chat where you call people and check they’re okay. They have put a pause on sign-ups for now but you can read about it here.

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