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MSc Cyber Security & Human Factors

When you study in the UK, visiting the historic town of Oxford is a must. Oxford is not just about the university, there is loads of amazing stuff you can do in this quiet little town which has history, modern and fictional worlds all mixed in.

On my 26th birthday, I seized the opportunity to make a one-day trip to Oxford which was a long-standing wish for me ever since I came to Bournemouth. I found out about the trip date on the SUBU site. I made my booking by paying for the trip via the SUBU site and started waiting patiently for the day.

On the day when the trip was going to take place, I was very excited and eager to know about what I would be seeing once I got there. Once I boarded the bus, I was briefed about the breaks which will be made during the journey to Oxford for coffee and picking up students from the University of Winchester.

After reaching Oxford, there was a guided tour to Christchurch Cathedral which welcomed us with its bell rings and the Radcliffe Camera, a historic building at Oxford University which is home to the Radcliffe Science Museum (and actually nothing to do with Daniel Radcliffe or Harry Potter!).  Both locations gave us amazing pictures for our instagram profiles!

The Potterholics in our group were happy to view all the famous places in Oxford featured in Harry Potter, such as the Bodleian Library that was used as the Divinity School and Hogwart’s Great Hall which was filmed at Christ Church College. After a guided tour we were left on our own to explore the town. I also visited the Ashmolean Museum which had free entry to tourists, there I explored the different historical artifacts of the world, after that I visited the famous Randolph Hotel which was seen in the popular TV show Inspector Morse.


Apart from seeing all of the Christmas festivities in the town, I also enjoyed making new friends with other students on the tour.  Together we relished our different taste buds at a local street food festival which had different aromas from across the world.

One thing that I stumbled across when exploring Oxford that made me smile was the Alice shop, a shop based on the famous fairy tale Alice In Wonderland which was selling souvenirs and goodies of the same.

There is one tiny little memory which I would like to hold on forever during this trip and that is one of the members of a Taiwanese family who came with us greeting me in Namaste (A formal way of greeting in India) at the end of the trip.

Concluding, I would say that this is one such opportunity you can’t afford to miss in UK.