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BSc (Hons) Geography

There are a range of opportunities to work whilst you are studying in Bournemouth, and among these is the chance to become a Student Ambassador at Bournemouth University like me! This has definitely been a highlight for me during my BU experience, as it can involve so many things. Aside from widening my experiences, this role has greatly increased my confidence and networking skills and allowed me to fulfil opportunities like being on the radio!

Student Ambassadors are a key fundamental for Bournemouth University. As I am sure you’ll agree, there is something calming about coming to an Open Day or a campus visit and seeing someone just like you that you can relate to. You can ask questions that may not occur to you when speaking to an academic or staff member, such as “which wristband shall I buy for freshers?”, and that’s one of the things I love about being Student Ambassador. This year I also provided support for BU over the clearing period, where students that didn’t meet their predicted grades look for other courses in clearing that will still allow them to go to university. Having understood this feeling, it was my pleasure to be able to reassure students that didn’t meet their expected grades that they can still go to university to attain their degree and go on to apply for a graduate job.

Additionally, myself and UK Marketing & Student Recruitment Manager, Matt Usher also now have a claim to fame; we were on BBC Radio Solent on results day in August! This was an interview to discuss results day and how A -level students may have been feeling, talking about Clearing to hopefully put their minds at rest.

And finally… another fantastic branch to the job is just this! Blogs and vlogs are definitely a sector that BU prides themselves in, and the students that prepare the content love it just as much, as is reflected through our work. It provides a different form of information for prospective (and current) students to read, on university related topics such as ‘The Uni Food Shop”, but is also a space for us to shed light on other amazing things happening in Bournemouth area such as the fireworks in August on the beach, or even how to make use of the bus pass that comes with your rent in first year!



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