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Many of us are afraid to face the anxiety of first going to uni; especially if we have to move away from home and sometimes even to another country. An independent life starts; we have to learn to live, study and struggle financially and emotionally – without mommy always around to back us up when something happens. It’s easy to think “I miss my home. I wanna go home. Everything I need is there”. You might think it over and over again but only until you discover that “Uni can actually be a place like home”. You can feel always feel safe and happy if you are aware and make use of the huge variety of welfare and support activities that BU offers you, ranging from a dedicated medical center to support with your finances, and everything in between.

Medical CentreStudent Wellbeing: If you are currently experiencing problems such as stress, worry, homesickness, panic, sleep disorders and other mental issues, head to Student Wellbeing. There are a range of support options tailored to your needs, for example support from a Student Wellbeing Advisor, support for a Counsellor, drop-in support, workshops and other useful information.

Medical center: BU Student Medical Center is located in Talbot House on the Talbot campus and offers a full range of medical services and health and sexual advice. It is open 8.45am-5pm, Monday-Friday, term-time only.

Careers Services: BU Careers & Employability Service arms student with the tools and knowledge to become competitive in the job market. You can get support on topics including part-time/full-time/placement/graduate job opportunities, recruitment processes, tips on CV writing and interview style and more. The Careers Centre is located in The Edge Student Development Centre (outside the Sir Michael Cobham Library on Talbot Campus) and is open Monday-Friday 8.45am-4.30pm.

Disability & Additional Learning Support: The Disability & Additional Learning Support service helps students with sensory/physical disabilities, specific learning differences, medical conditions, mental health difficulties and temporary injuries to develop strategies for success in learning and work. They have 2 offices in Talbot (opening 9am-4pm Monday-Friday but it’s closed from 12 noon Wednesdays) and Lansdowne (Tuesdays open 10am-4pm term-time only).

Make uni a home blogFinance and support: This service equips students with useful information on the types of funding available to students at BU, scholarships, emergency loans and grants, hardship funds and how to pay your tuition fees.

Chaplaincy: The Chaplaincy at BU supports all students no matter if they have a faith or not. The multi-faith Chaplaincy is based on both campuses; providing a space for staff and students to relax and unwind whilst discovering the world of spirituality.

Residential services: This service offers students info on different types of accommodation options, how to settle in to your new accommodation and how to report any maintenance problems.

Immigration and visas: This service is self explanatory really – it provides students with important information and advice related to immigration and visas.

Pfsss..Long post I know. But now I guess you’re convinced that “Uni can be a place like home” right? BU cares for you in the same way that your family does. You just have to know where to find the support. And here it is 🙂

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