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MA Media and Communication

Hi everyone! I am Sujata from India and I am currently studying MA Media and Communication. In this blog I am going to talk about a really good initiative by Bournemouth University that prepares students for real world challenges: The Global Talent Programme. I joined this programme in the very first week of university and I have learned a lot.

Extra-curricular award

The Global Talent Programme is an extra-curricular award designed for the holistic development of students. It has been developed with employers to help students learn key employability skills to allow them to enter the global market with confidence. It includes employer-led workshops, team assignments, real-life problem-solving, business challenges and taking part in various cultural and educational activities.

Valued by employers

The employers really look forward to hiring students who have completed this award, as they know that students have actively taken part in events and activities and done something different other than just studying.

Open for all

It is completely free to join and open for all students, whether undergraduate, postgraduate or PHD scholars. All you have to do is register online and download the app to keep track of your progress.

Different stages

There are 3 stages for undergraduate students and 4 stages for the postgraduate students , and these are referred to as “badges.” To complete the whole programme and get the award, you need to achieve all the badges. For each badge, you get an option of a number of activities that you can to complete in order to get that award. The 4 different postgraduate badges are named Global Citizen, Collaborative Player, Skilled Practitioner and Disciplined Researcher.


Whenever you attend any workshop or activity, you are expected to write a report or reflection document of what you learned in that particular activity or workshop.

Awarded in special ceremony

Students who complete all the necessary activities and badges are presented with a Global Talent Award from the Vice-Chancellor of Bournemouth University, in a special ceremony.

I hope that I have been able to give you an informative breakdown of the GTP. I recommend this programme to all students of Bournemouth University, and I was extremely happy with the fact that I enrolled and actively took part in almost all of the workshops, activities and other events organised. I will always regret the fact that I wasn’t able to complete it at the end, although despite not finishing the programme, the skills and knowledge that I have gained is something that I will cherish forever.

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