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If you want to make the most out of your time at BU, I’d definitely recommend getting involved with SUBU. There’s plenty of opportunities for everyone. In first year, I volunteered to be the Student Rep. This led to a snowball effect; The skills and experience I gained from joining the rep team helped me get positions as research assistants, a placement in Sri Lanka, and a part time job as a teaching assistant in my final year. Without joining the rep team, I wouldn’t have been elected as senior rep in final year, and my confidence wouldn’t have grown and I wouldn’t have landed these amazing opportunities which will massively benefit me when it comes to my career goals of becoming a clinical psychologist.

I must admit, I placed extra pressure on myself during studying taking on these extra roles, but I wouldn’t change any of it. These skills will help me stand out in a competitive job market. On top of that, I am now working full time at SUBU as VP Welfare and Equal Opportunities. I have grown so much since starting this position, and I never would have applied if I didn’t get involved in SUBU at my first year of uni. Representing the student voice and leading on Welfare campaigns is rewarding. I want to help every student at BU have the same great experience I’ve had, whilst bringing myself closer to my own goals.
During first year, I’d be anxious about talking in a lecture. Now I have the confidence to deliver a speech to 3000, proven by the speeches I gave at the 2018 graduations.

This proves determination and perseverance will go a long way. SUBU offers opportunities for EVERYONE to get involved! There are over 120 clubs and societies, with regular socials. This is a great way to have fun and make friends, and I regret not getting involved in a club or society earlier. We have a surfing society, so why not make the most of the beautiful coastline that we have in Bournemouth? If that isn’t your thing, then there are academic societies, a great way to enhance your studies and meet new people on your course.

If you have any concerns throughout your time studying, we also have SUBU Advice, a free, confidential and professional service to support you, there’s no issue to big or too small. If you want to, you can get involved in the community or volunteering departments. Volunteering is a great way to have fun and feel rewarded whilst adding valuable skills to your CV. You can also join the rep team. This is where you listen to the feedback from your course, and present this in a meeting to the lecturers. In first year I volunteered myself as the rep. There are many perks of this, a trendy purple jumper for one!

Representation is important to SUBU, and that’s why we offer places on our executive committee. The part time officer elections are good fun and help us hear every students voice. We also have the liberation groups which lead on campaigns and education to ensure the liberated groups voice is heard. We understand that being a mature student comes with extra challenges, so SUBU has a dedicated Mature Students group to ensure every student has a great experience at BU. On top of all this, we offer ‘You’re Brilliant Awards’, a great way to give any staff member the recognition they deserve. Receiving one of these awards (and free mug!) made my day!

By Bradley Powell, Student Welfare Officer, SUBU.

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