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My name is Patrycja, I am from Poland and I’m studying BA Computer Animation Art and Design at BU.

Studying, especially in a different country where everything is different can be quite stressful sometimes, but feeling bad is not the end of the world as at BU there are many people that can help you with various issues, not only academic ones.

Where to go when there is a problem

I remember at the beginning of the year we had an introductory lecture when people gave us a lot of advice and at the end a sheet of paper about wellbeing with details of where to go with what issue when seeking personal support.

For me, AskBU has always been very helpful, whether I have needed some advice about where to go or when I have been concerned about finances. They are very knowledgeable and always know where to direct you. You can also always ask your academic advisor about who you need to speak to or where to go, my academic advisor is always very helpful and happy to talk about things or to tell me where to go with my concerns, he sometimes also gives me personal advice.

Student Wellbeing

I haven’t tried this yet, but my friend that is now doing her masters in animation has used this service. The Student Wellbeing team is amazing and these people really know what they are talking about when you go there with any issues, they also understand the different courses and the types of pressures you may face at university, so use them if you need to.

Remember your friends are there to support you

I personally find that the best help when I am struggling with something is to go and talk with my coursemates in labs. Or I sometimes talk to my housemates as I like to talk to my friends first when I have something that is making me feel anxious or uncomfortable. Being with friends is a positive experience in itself and is important to me.

Wellbeing is important

The most important thing is to remember that we shouldn’t be ashamed to look for help and personal support, that’s what the services on campus are there for. Look out for your friends and peers. When you see a student who is upset then make sure you try to help if you can by offering a friendly face and perhaps a nice cup of tea or coffee. Our mental and physical health is really important, far more important than anything else.

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